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Fact Sheet

This new concept product has led one retailer to exclaim:

“I’m telling you, this is the best! I have not lost a banner since it has been installed.  It’s also very easy and fast to change out banners.  One person can do it, with ease, in minutes”.

  • Uses a 1 piece, continuous roll banner, which provides for “Flow Through” change out of banners.
  • Banner change out takes 6-9 minutes with one person.
  • Works with paper stock, as well as plastic styrene banners.
  • Limited need for ladder use in banner change, improving installer/personnel safety.
  • Available in a variety of colors.
  • Only 3 moving parts in entire system, reducing vulnerability to wear and breakage.
  • Variety of horizontal retention systems available:711

Fixed Spine:  Ridge mounts to rails with no movement during change.
Moveable Spine:  Slide in and out of bottom rail during banner change to provide additional grip to banner.
Cleat:  Rubber material slides in and out of top and bottom rails during banner change to provide additional grip with unobstructed view of the message area.

  • Heavy duty rail system (.060) utilize poly vinyl chloride, which lives and flexes well in most climates.  (Material used in exterior siding and “PVC” plumbing pipe.)
  • Hinged End Caps utilize a combination of rigid (.060 PVC) and flexible (.050 RPVC) plastics as well as .060 magnetic material, to provide for the hinge effect to trap/grab banner ends.
  • Limited metal part in Roller Bracket, powder coated with Rohm & Haas’ “Corvel” (polyester formulated for exterior use).
  • All mounting screws are covered with ABS plastic caps (color pigment or clear).
  • Installation available through Display Partners.